Jul 042014

Robson Moura Henry BJJ Bloomington Illinois Henry BJJ is proud to welcome the 8 Time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion and head of the Robson Moura Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association to Bloomington the weekend of July 11-12!


On Friday Night from 6-7p Henry BJJ will be hosting an Open Mat Fundraiser to benefit Relay For Life of McLean County as students from around Illinois are welcome to come and train for a $5.00 cash donation.


On Saturday morning, Professor Robson Moura will be at Henry BJJ for another amazing seminar from 11a-1p.  As always, Professor Robson will be sharing his BJJ knowledge and regardless of your BJJ level, your game will improve as we drill the techniques and concepts that will be shared.

Reserve your spot for the seminar through the on-line store and contact Bill Henry at HenryBJJ with any questions.  Please note that the NEW TIME for the seminar is from 11a-1p.


If you are interested in setting up a private lesson with the Eight Time Brazilian Jiu Jitstu World Champion, please contact Doug Kimball.

May 152014

Henry BJJ Robson Black Belt



Saturday July 12, 2014

Henry Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

1 to 3pm.

$80.00 in advance

$95.00 CASH ONLY at the door if there are spots available

For more information feel free to contact Bill Henry


Upcoming Tournaments

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May 142014

Here are some upcoming tournaments that you should be aware of and while tournaments are not required, it’s always a good idea to plan in advance for them. The sooner you are able to develop a game plan for the tournament and hit your weight WITH your GI on, the more fun you will have preparing for the tournament.

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Mar 312014

On Friday, February 28, 2014 Henry BJJ hosted an open mat to raise funds for Relay For Life of McLean County that raised over $130.00 and after the event, ALL THINGS BJJ came buy to film Gustavo’s BJJ Journey.

No matter what challenges you face, they are not as tuff as the challenges that someone else is facing. Rise to accept those challenges!

Mar 142014

I am sure that most people think that once you get to a certain belt level in BJJ a lot of the problems that come along with the learning process of our sport/art go away.  Well, I am sorry to inform that this is simply not the case.  As a Brown Belt I find I still hit major slumps, or what most call plateaus, in my training.  They do not come as frequently as they once did, but when they do show their face, they are usually a hard one to work through.  Some of the aspects that I might be struggling with may not even be evident to the guys that I train with on a regular basis, but trust me they are there.  Every time I find myself in one of these slumps, I do a couple of things that help to help bring myself out of it.  This “system” I use to get my game moving forward again I have used since I was a Blue Belt, and over the years I have added tweaks to it to make it more effective.  How long it takes me to break each slump varies, but my process is close to same every time. Continue reading »

Mar 082014

Robson Moura Henry BJJ Bloomington Illinois

Professor Robson Moura is extremely passionate about sharing his love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and travels all over the globe to host seminars. That type of schedule has made it difficult to train full time for tournaments, but here are two great articles that were recently published that discuss Robson’s desire to eventually compete in The Worlds again.

TATAME.COM – March 3, 2014

BJJ Eastern Europe – March 3, 2014


Jan 292014

Henry BJJ Gustavo DantasHenry Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-Team RMNU is excited to announce that it will be hosting Nova Uniao USA President Prof. Gustavo Dantas for a seminar on Sat. March 1st, PLEASE NOTE THE NEW TIME: from 11a to 1pm.  The cost is $80.00 in advance (cash or check only), or $95.00 CASH ONLY at the door.  Checks can be mailed to:

Bill Henry

1501 S. Roosevelt

Bloomington, IL  61701

Do not miss your chance to learn from one of the people responsible for building Nova Uniao here in the United States.  Prof. Dantas is a world class coach and competitor, and an outstanding person, and it is an honor to have him on the mats at Henry Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Jan 192014

Jan.  19, 2014

You have taken the first step, walked in the door, and started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This is great!  Now you have heard your coach and some of the upper belts talking about an upcoming tournament, and you want to go, but do not know if you are ready, or what you would need to do to prepare.  Well, I am going to tell you to bite the bullet and sign up.  I am a firm believer that competition makes you better, and will help your BJJ progress at a faster rate.  Now with that said, as the color of your belt changes, what is needed to compete does as well.  This blog is geared towards white belts who want to compete for the first time.  What will follow are some pieces of advice that will help you prepare for your first competition, and help you get the most out of your training. Continue reading »

The New Guy

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Jan 022014

Jan 2, 2014

So it’s a new year and you have been thinking about giving Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a try, but are intimidated by the thought of going to class the first time.  Well, as a school owner and instructor I can tell you one of the hardest things you will do in your BJJ journey is to walk into the school for the first time, but that leap of faith will change your life forever.

This short blog is for people just like you.  I hope I can give you a little insight into what you can expect on your first day, and also help you with some good questions to ask when you are researching which school you would like to commit to.

In the today’s world revolved around Google for information, this is likely where the majority of people will start their search for a place to learn and train.  I will say don’t be fooled by thinking that the school who is always at the top of the search is for certain the best school.  It is much easier to be an expert at Google Ad Words than it is an expert in a martial art.  Take a look at the websites for all the schools in your area, and read the instructor’s bios, as well as browse pictures and read testimonials if there are any.  You can get a feel for the type of people that run the school, and the type of people that train there by these things.  Be sure you are looking at an actual BJJ school, or program, and not a watered down version at a mma or kickboxing gym.  Now, many times all these disciplines are taught under the same roof, and there is no problem with that, but make sure that whoever is running the BJJ aspect of things actually has the credentials to do so.  The instructor should be able to list who they have trained under, and who has promoted them to each belt.  If the instructor is not a black belt, make sure you can find information on the black belt that they study under, and make sure they bring that person in on at least a yearly basis.  In the search process remember that it is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and not Gracie Jiu Jitsu.  A lot of people use the Gracie name to build their school.  The Gracie family has done a ton to help popularize and grow the art/sport, and in some regards invented it, but are not the only family, team or organization who can teach, and have an in depth knowledge of it. Continue reading »